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– Our Mission?- 

To help you tap into & apply your Emotional Superpowers +  Build/Grow an Emotionally Intelligent Business



 The vision for your dream business starts with you. Amongst your values, beliefs and experiences, the way you ‘feel’ about your vision is your driving foundation. Adapting a Growth Mindset in order to build resilience, perseverance and self-motivation is no longer an option. By applying cutting-edge Emotional Neuroscience, you can dig to the core of your ideal business which will naturally align with who you are and ultimately solidify the value you want to create and offer to the world


Gaining insight is key to taking action. But taking the correct path requires adequate self-management and a deeper understanding of how your journey will look like. As an Entrepreneur today, unlimited choice and information overload can cloud your thoughts and disable your rational brain. So whether you’re developing the next big Social VR Network, formulating an innovative Health Snack or perhaps setting up a Digital Agency, regulating your vision around your ‘why?’ is key to achieving great results.


Call it Empathy or people’s skills, the unique ability to understand the Emotional wants and needs of your customers, audience AND team, is one of the most essential skills you can possess as an Entrepreneur. Attention spans are decreasing…fast. Cruising in the shoes of your audience and figuring out their specific changing desires at an Emotional level, is a powerful way of building and growing a business bound to succeed.



Once you’ve formulated a killer, transparent Value Proposition evolving around your abilities and real-time Emotions, you’ll be able to glue all the golden insights revolving around the information you’ve acquired about your audience. You’re now unstoppable. Managing a business isn’t easy, because execution is needed. However, applying your Emotional Intelligence and building a ‘High EQ’ business/brand, will hand you the ability to develop a competitive strategy that is driven by what matters most; Emotional Value.


Emotional Intelligence is key to your success. You could be the smartest person in the world! But without the ability to identify & regulate your emotions & understand the Emotional wants (and needs of others), whether that of your partner, team, customers or clients – you won’t get far. 

As an Entrepreneur, this couldn’t be any truer. You’ll quickly learn that Emotions drive beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and actions. And today, more than ever, to engage at an Emotional level is the absolute key to flourishing in a rapidly competitive, transformative & distractive time. 

If you know WHY you’re feeling the way you do about your business, you’ll easily be able to know WHAT you need to do next. & when you focus on WHO you’re formulating this value for, you’ll know HOW to deliver this value…

This is for the Entrepreneur, Leader & Creative who understands that Life & Business, is ultimately about delivering Emotional Value.  

@ VisionEQ, you’ll practically develop your own personal Emotional Quotient, whilst building or growing an Emotionally Intelligent Business. 

Welcome, to VisionEQ. 

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