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– Our Mission?- 

To help you apply your Emotional Superpowers & build an Emotionally Intelligent Business

Emotional Intelligence is key to your success. You could be the smartest person in the world! But without the ability to identify & regulate your emotions & understand the Emotional wants (and needs of others), whether that of your team or clients – you won’t get far. 

As an Entrepreneur, this couldn’t be any truer. You’ll quickly learn that Emotions drive attitude, behaviour and actions. And today, engaging with people at an Emotional level is the absolute key to flourishing in today’s rapidly competitive, transformative, times. 

If you know WHY you’re feeling the way you do about your business, you’ll easily be able to know WHAT you need to do next. & when you focus on WHO you’re formulating this value for, you’ll know HOW to deliver this value…

This is for the Entrepreneur, Leader & Creative who understands that Business, is ultimately about delivering Emotional Value.  

@ VisionEQ, you’ll practically develop your own personal Emotional Quotient, whilst building or growing an Emotionally Intelligent Business. 

Welcome, to VisionEQ.